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Working with LightHawk and their partners has enriched my flying experience ten fold and is very addictive. The more I fly, the more I want to fly for causes and issues in which I believe strongly."
Bill Rush, volunteer pilot (Boulder Creek, CA)
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Volunteer Pilot Opportunities Available with LightHawk

Help Conservation Groups • Sharpen Your Aviation Skills • Join Our National Pilot Community
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Fly for conservation across America.

LightHawk provides volunteer pilot opportunities for 1000 hour-PIC qualified pilots to give back, all while experiencing a different kind of flying. Below are some of the work we've done!

Conserving Landscapes

LightHawk helps monitor hundreds of conservation easements, which protect land, wildlife habitat and clean water. In three flights with the Black Canyon Land Trust, pilots monitored 120 easements, saving them 63 days of field work worth $12,000 of staff time, which can now be invested into conserving more land.

Ensuring Species Survival

LightHawk pilots help monitor native populations of some of our most threatened species, and sometimes transport them across the nation to support breeding purposes. Flying in his Pilatus from Calgary, a pilot flew two endangered red pandas — highly endangered and ecologically critical — for breeding in Wisconsin.

Guiding Smart Growth

LightHawk flights help stakeholders and decision makers see nature in a unique, and captivating way, informing how growth and the natural world can co-exist. Flights in the sensitive Sonoran Desert helped raise public support to fund a wildlife overpass north of Tucson, saving hundreds of animals from becoming road kill.

Become a volunteer today!

LightHawk flights benefit nature in many ways and we’re in need of a variety of aircraft from single-engine high-wings, to turboprops and jets. Join us and combine your passion for aviation and love for the outdoors. LightHawk provides volunteer pilot opportunities for those looking to give back. Apply today!
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